List of Judges for 2017 Shows
Change Year:
Show Date CCs Type of Show Judge
Manchester21 Jan 2017NoChampionshipMr M Armstrong
Giant Schnauzer Club12 Feb 2017NoOpenMr A Galbraith
Crufts12 Mar 2017YesChampionshipMr B D Day
SCGB25 Mar 2017YesChampionshipMr K J Moss
W&PBA of Wales15 Apr 2017NoChampionshipMr L Cox
Birmingham National6 May 2017YesChampionshipMiss J M Lanning
SKC21 May 2017YesChampionshipMr J Horswell
Bath28 May 2017YesChampionshipMrs J I Rual
Southern Counties3 Jun 2017YesChampionshipMrs D A Kenis Pordham
Three Counties10 Jun 2017NoChampionshipMr P J Jolley
Blackpool25 Jun 2017YesChampionshipMr E Engh
Windsor2 Jul 2017YesChampionshipMr A Fletcher
NW&P Breeds15 Jul 2017YesChampionshipMr C Clay
Leeds22 Jul 2017YesChampionshipMr G Lewthwaite
GSC30 Jul 2017NoOpenMr W Docksey
Paignton 7 Aug 2017NoChampionshipMrs J Peak
Bournemouth13 Aug 2017NoChampionshipMrs J Callow
WKC19 Aug 2017YesChampionshipMrs S J Hattrell
SKC26 Aug 2017NoChampionshipMrs A Shaw
City of Birmingham2 Sep 2017NoChampionshipMr A Easdon
Richmond9 Sep 2017NoChampionshipMr A Mease
Darlington16 Sep 2017YesChampionshipMr T Mather
Belfast24 Sep 2017NoChampionshipMr G Robertson
Driffield28 Sep 2017NoChampionshipMrs Barbara Evans
SWKA8 Oct 2017YesChampionshipMrs D Brixey
GSC22 Oct 2017YesChampionshipMrs C Orre (Chottans ) - Sweden
W & PB of Scotland4 Nov 2017NoChampionship
NSC11 Nov 2017YesChampionshipMiss P Moore
LKA9 Dec 2017YesChampionshipMrs J Menary (Jennyfield)


** Indicates a change in judge to previously published (Subject to KC Confirmation)